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Our students at every grade level had a busy year learning new math skills.  Mastery of these skills is extremely important to help develop a solid math foundation.  Next school year, your child will build on these skills so anytime spent reviewing or reinforcing these concepts will be very beneficial for your child. 
You can go to the school website www.brockway.k12.pa.us and click the tab that says summer math.  Here you will be able to download a packet developed by our teachers for the grade level your child will be entering.  These packets will help your child stay sharp over the summer and be ready to go for next year!  If you wish, you can send in a note to your child’s teacher to have the packet printed  for you.
Your child should bring the completed packet to their homeroom teacher on the first day of school.  The summer math homework is mandatory and worth 10 points.   ALSO: REMEMBER THAT YOUR CHILD SHOULD PRACTICE BASIC ADDITION/SUBTRACTION AND IF ENTERING 4-6, MULTIPLICATION/DIVISION FACTS FOR 5 MINUTES EVERY DAY!


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