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2019 Spring Field Trips and Dates

A wide range of field trip experiences are provided at Brockway Area Elementary. The trips are fully funded by the Goodwill clothing drive, We Care and the local Mengle Foundation. The district and its students are very appreciative of the close relationship it has fostered with the local community.

AIMS to Parker Dam Maple Syrup Production 3/25
Grade 3 to circus 4/8
Special Olympics 5/1
Grade 1 to Elk Center 5/6
Grade 4 to Pittsburgh Zoo 5/7
Grade 5 to Carnegie Science Center 5/8
Grade 2 to Safety Day 5/9
Grade 5 to Quiet Creek Herb Farm 5/13
Grade 6 to Clear Creek 5/17
Grade K to Farmer's Inn 5/21
Grade 6 American Legion/ Picnic at the Park 5/24