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Thank you for making a wish come true.

Learn to program and code in Scratch

Video links on the left PDF downloads on the Right




The Work Space

Beginner Concepts

Lesson 1:

Intro to Work Environment

Lesson 2:

Adding a Sprite and Backdrops

Lesson 3:

Speech Bubbles

Lesson 4:

Adding a Sound or Voice

Lesson 5:

Animate Random Flight

Lesson 6:

Animate Glide Designated Path

1. Link to get Started


2. Intro Manual

Introducing Scratch PDF



Intermediate Concepts


3. Step by Step Scratch

Easy Steps PDF

Advanced Game Design

4. Designing Games

Basic Game Design PDF

5. Advanced Concepts

Sensing and Variables PDF


Lesson 21

Shooting Bullets (Part 1)

Lesson 22

Adding Enemies to shooting game



Mr. Shay French









If you have ever dreamed of starring in a hit television show then you need to talk to Mr. French. For fifteen years Brockway Elementary's BTV has been producing a morning show, fillming student events, broadcasting sports talk shows, shooting music videos, creating commercials, and directing hit science fair movies.

The school's chromakey studio is part of Brockway's cutting edge technology program which provides students with real world experiences in front of and behind the camera.

BTV has recently added drone and 360 camera systems to its productions pressing the envelope of what is possible in an elementary school environment and motivating students to learn.

Student experiences on BTV provide them with public speaking opportunities and a need to read. If you would like to give the 2 Minute Drill a shot, sign ups are the last Monday of every month. We hope to see you on BTV.