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Congratulation Rover Wrestlers

Penn State Wrestling won the 2017 NCAA National Championships in St. Louis Saturday. In the front row Brockway's own Mason Lindemuth is a walk on with the Nittany Lions. The Lions surprised the nation with 5 individual champions, a performance that dominated the field.

Fifth Grade worked with Mr. Hartless to build Bluebird boxes in an effort to boost the birds population in Pennsylvania.. Bluebirds suffered considerable, almost unrecoverable losses in the twentieth century as a result of the injudicious introductions of house (English) sparrows and European starlings to New York City.

Read Across America

Friday: 2000 Book Goal Reached! Ice Cream for all plus Mrs. Glasl and Mrs. Patricelli will become Human Sundaes.

Thursday: Dr. Seuss's Birthday Groups

Wednesday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Free Book Day

Monday: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss




Congratulation Jayce the 2017 March Madness of Chess Champion. Jayce defeated Timmy in the finals of the 16 player tournament. Great show Timmy.

Mrs. Wise's Class draws attention to National Down Syndrom Day.

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Friday was St. Patrick's Day and this young man was showing is Irish side by wearing his lucky shirt. An ice crystal rainbow was seen over the softball field on Friday, a sign of good luck and maybe a pot of gold.

Students reached their goal of 2000 books so they turned Mrs. Glasl into a Ice Cream Sundae.

DuBois Artists visits Brockway Elementary to share his gift with students.

These young scientists are following in the footsteps of the famous rocket engineer Wernher Von Braun who said...

“Once the rockets are up
Who cares where they come down
That's not my department”