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Hang on, May fun is rolling!

Ice Cream smiles on Moving Up Day. These second graders enjoy some sunshine in the shade after meeting their new classmates..

Vote for the DuBois Dream

The DuBois Dream visited Brockway Elementary bringing big dreams to small town America. The group brought tee shirts and asked the students for help getting their game broadcasted on ESPN. Click to Vote

Second Meets Safety Dogs

Brockway second grade attended Safety Day at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds Thursday, where they made a couple of new friends.


2017-18 Staff Assignments

Brockway Science Fair XVI

The 2017 fair was a major success producing 141 projects by 301 participants. 9 Classrooms also produced projects as well. In the program's 16 year history it was the third most participation in the program.

Fifth Grade worked with Mr. Hartless to build Bluebird boxes in an effort to boost the birds population in Pennsylvania.. Bluebirds suffered considerable, almost unrecoverable losses in the twentieth century as a result of the injudicious introductions of house (English) sparrows and European starlings to New York City.











Field Trip Experiences

4th grade vistied the Pittsburgh Zoo.

The second grade musical brought to life a world of fun beneath the sea.


Students reached their goal of 2000 books so they turned Mrs. Glasl into a Ice Cream Sundae.