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MARCH 2015

FLEX DAY is Cancelled for March 20th - Easter Monday Vacation is now cancelled

Congratulations State Medalists

Brockway wrestlers shined at States this past weekend earning 7th and 8th place medals in the Junior Wreslting Championships.

Good Luck Wrestlers

Junior Wrestling State Qualifiers

Mobile Science Lab Visits

Students at Brockway Elementary were treated to a visit by the Mobile Agricultural Science Lab this week. Students conducted experiments and completed various activities which helped them better understand the importance of farming to our state. A special thanks to the Brockway Kaimanns for making the learning experience possible.

Stick with Reading Challenge

Mrs. Patricelli was duct taped to the wall as students reached their reading challenge capping off a week of activities for Read Across America.

Thursday is PJ Day

Tuesday Favorite Character

Monday was Camo Day


Pizza Party Winners

Mr. Donati delivered a really big check that will be used to support Brockway Elementary's spring field trips. Everyone was a winner as the school collected more than 10,000 pounds of clothing for the Goodwill. Mrs. Fremer's class collected the most earning a pizza party.









6th Grade TECH

Sixth graders are reassembling their PCs in Technology Ed this month. The students are learniing what makes a computer tick and becoming great trouble shooters. The program is desinged to make them smart consumers and users of technology.

A Very Special Birthday

Mrs.Manhart's class celebrated her 60th birthday with a day at the beach. Students played in the sand as spring arrives at Brockway Elementary




Easter Monday Vacation is Cancelled

The Brockway Area School District WILL have school on Monday, April 6, 2015 to make up for a “snow” day.  The TENTATIVE last day of school will now be Thursday,  May 28, 2015

Coming April 29th

It will soon be time to start looking for a project for the 2015 Science Fair. This is now the 14 year for the annual event.



Brockway Grad Runs for Supreme Court

Mrs. Glasl had the honor of introducing Jefferson County Judge Foradora at the Rocky Grill Tuesday. Foradora is running for the State Supreme Court.

Brockway Elementary is a Kindness Certified School. Brockway joined over 4000 schools world wide in the 2015 Great Kindess Challenge. Another reasong this is a great school.

Captain McFinn visited Brockway Elementary Friday. The friendly shark passed out hugs and a message of anti-bullying to the primary grades.


May 5, 2015                     Grade 5