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Tons of Clothes

Drive Extended for another week!

Smiling Horns

Brockway Elementary offers a world of experiences.

Holiday Visitors

Mrs. Stoltz class was visited by gingerbread men from 17 different states. The cookie cutters came from as far away as California and Texas on their journey across the country.

Mr. Hawkins from the High School visited Ms. Worokey's class to read Christmas stories to a very excited group of first graders.

First graders work away like little elves. Mrs. Debi Burkett, from Deb's Ceramics and Crafts Shop came this morning and donated ceramic trees. They painted and designed their own to gift to someone in their family.

If you've lost your glasses click the picture above to see if we have them outside the office. They can be identified by numbers in the picture.

A Make a Wish Dance took place on Wednesday. Students donated 50 cents to help the school reach a total of $1434.58 in an effort to grant a child's wish this holiday season.



The Great Goodwill Donut Challenge ends today. Here are the current standings going in to Friday...

1st Mrs. Rogos's Class 425 lbs

2nd Mr. Grecco's Class 321 lbs

3rd Mrs. Oknefski's Class 250 lbs

Other Contenders... Mrs. Yahner's Class with 126 lbs and Ms. Worokey's Class with 105 lbs

Totals of the Pizza Party Contest

1st Mrs Fremer 746 lbs

2nd Mrs. Manhart 585 lbs

3rd Ms. Worokey 406 lbs

Total School-wide over 6,000 lbs of clothing for more than $1200 in field trip funding. Friday January 20th is the final day..

Steelers Win! Black and Gold Fridays Continue.

Sporting the hometown colors Mrs. O's students are Black and gold


Gingerbread Houses

Students in Mrs. Hynds class built smiles in the days leading up to the holiday.

Pajama Day at Brockway Elementary

Students were dressed very casual Tuesday bringing back memories of the Polar Express as they sported their colorful pajamas. Second Grade teachers give the day a thumbs up!

Holiday Sing Along at the High School

The High School Band plays our favorite seasonal tunes as the elementary students join in. The event is a Christmas tradition at Brockway.

Creative clothing or a work of art?

Art at its finest. Mrs. Verne's talent to create the most Seuss like fashions puts a smile on everyone's face.