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November 2014

Honoring Our Veterans

With patriotic songs, Old Glory, and just the right amount of cow bell, the sixth grade said thanks to veterans and rang in the holiday season Friday.

Military Visitor

Mrs. Wise's students recently wrote letters to Marine Private Kiester who is the older sister of Garrett and Caley Keister. Private Kiester recently graduated from Basic Training. Private Kiester explained to the students the importance of hard work, determination and always trying your very best in school! Congratulations Private Kiester! You make us proud!

Reality Tour

Students learned about the pitfalls from involvement with drugs in a Kaimann's sponsored program called The Reality Tour.

Mr. Hawkins is a hands on Super! Sixth grade students had a blast learning how apple cider is made while also carving pumpkins.

The sixth graders were demonstrating their artistic skills during Art this week by paintinng the patio windows.


























Pheasant Release

Mrs. Frederick's class visited the campus greenhouse to see the release of pheasants by Mr. Barr and Mr. Hawkins.


2014 Super Bowl Champions

Aims students practiced public speaking while studying the science behind illusion. The hand was quicker than these second grader's eyes.

2014 Thug Run

The Elementary Cross Country squad was looking rough this week for their annual Thug Run through Brockway.

Congratulations Mackenzie

Mackenzie won the talent competition of the Miss America pageant for a ventriloquist routine and was selected Sunday night as one of the pageant's 16 semifinalists.

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