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I know 1 thing. Reading is a great thing 2 do!

The 2019 school year is underway and AIMS is ready to roll.  The theme this year is “STEM”.  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The goal of the curriculum is to provide students with multiple experiences to cultivate creative experimentation. Students will innovate and apply background knowledge to solve new problems and develop a multitude of ideas using exciting innovative technologies.

Mr. Shay French



2019-2020 Gifted Curriculum


  • Scratch Programing
  • Discovering Coding
  • Programing Sphero
  • Create a musical instrument and compose a jingle
  • How a Dimmer Switch works
  • Programing Sensors, dimmer switches and Alarms
  • Drone Filming (X)
  • Developing a 360 camera tour of the school.
  • Developing a website and short film (Our Town)
  • Using Little Bits to Invent a Product

Video Production and Creative Writing

  • Using Little Bits programmable technology students will develop a product. They will then develop a logo, marketing plan, musical jingle, and a television commercial for their product using I Movie.


  • The importance of bees to plant pollination and the world’s food supply

Culinary Arts and Health

  • A review of formal etiquette
  • Carb Counting foods (Carbohydrates in different foods)  

Engineering and Architecture

  • Cardboard Sled Engineering and Production
  • The Iditarod challenge
  • Wooden Bridge Engineering

History and the Arts

  • Trivia Competition famous sites of Europe, famous works of art and Classical Composers.

Field Trip

    • Field trip TBA pending approval. (OC and T Railroad  or Invention land Pittsburgh)

Chess Championship

    • The yearly battle of strategy and reasoning

Community Service

      • The Haunted House to raise money for the AIMS field trip